About Matsobanemetja

We are committed to protecting the confidence of all the client‘s business matters and to ensure your cash flow is positive and your business stays profitable. Matsobanemetja is loyal and works in the best interest of the clients in order to preserve the integrity and professionalism.

We strive to maintain the high standards of bookkeeping and accounting by following Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and also to remain knowledgeable and current with any changes in relevant legislation. .

Matsobanemetja Vision

To deliver the highest quality service, by listening to our clients, knowing our clients, working with them as well as growing with them to ensure Success.

To be recognised for providing exceptional Financial, Taxes and Consulting Services to our clients and the community we serve.

Recognising that our future is vested in the sustainable success of our clients, we then build relationships that are continuous and not once-off transactions or projects and we emphasize that a better customer experience is a journey.